About Emily

About Emily

Emily Buehler

Emily Buehler is an editor based in North Carolina. She specializes in editing academic papers and reports but is interested in many types of writing. She works with both companies and authors, including ESL authors preparing their manuscripts for publication in English-language journals.

Emily earned her PhD in physical chemistry and materials science from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. She began editing scientific research papers through various editing companies, and branched out from chemistry into various fields, including business and marketing, engineering, environmental science, and more. Papers she edited are now published in journals such as the Journal of Materials Research and Technology, Applied Surface Science, the Journal of Chemistry, Atmospheric Environment, Electrochimica Acta, Marine Structures, Polymer Journal, the Scandinavian Journal of Surgery, Polar Geography, the Journal of Industrial Ecology, Almatourism: Journal of Tourism, Culture and Territorial Development, the Scandinavian Journal of Management, Biomacromolecules, Public Management Review, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Applied Ergonomics, the Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, Medical Devices, the International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, and the International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management. Emily also copyedits articles to be published in Nature Publishing Group journals.

Emily has edited book-length research reports for clients including the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine and the WateReuse Research Foundation. She has worked with the College Board to write science passages for tests. She regularly proofreads articles from American Scientist magazine.

Emily is an author as well as an editor. She wrote Bread Science after working for years in a bread bakery. Her second book, Somewhere and Nowhere, is a memoir of a cross-country bicycling trip. She has written four fiction manuscripts and has begun exploring options to publish them. She has enjoyed editing fiction in classes and for a few clients, and hopes to build her fiction-editing portfolio.

Emily is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, the Authors Guild, and the North Carolina Writers Network.


If you are thinking about hiring Emily for your project, do it! She is a master at her craft. I was wavering over whether to hire a copy editor for my cover letter and resume and decided to go with Emily. I consider myself a good writer and grammar nerd, but she caught so many mistakes and had brilliant suggestions for wording. I wanted the reassurance of a professional and I am so glad that I hired Emily. I felt confident applying for my dream job. I highly recommend her and I will be hiring her for all my important editing needs. I’m hooked, I wish she would copy edit this testimonial! —Cory P., Asheville NC

Emily, I’m always so impressed by how fast you proof but still make great catches. You’re a super star. —Stacey Lutkoski, Managing Editor, American Scientist

Emily did a great job proofing my draft for my future website and brochure. She found and corrected mistakes I made in grammar, punctuation, and clarity of content. She offered great suggestions for ways to remove ambiguities and to improve the organization and flow of my document. Emily knew I had computer challenges, so she offered me multiple forms of her edited document so I could work with the one that was easiest for me. To top it all off, her turn around was faster than I ever could have expected. —Charlotte C., Brasstown NC